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Our in-salon rituals include a detailed hair analysis. As we nourish the hair, the aromas will entice your senses.


Awapuhi Wild Ginger KeraTriplex/HydraTriplex Treatment      $45

Marula Oil Intensive Masque                                                   $45

Neuro Repair Treatment                                                          $30

Ultimate Color Repair Mask                                                    $30

Olaplex                                                                                    $55

Keratherapy Color Lock & Smooth Treatment                       $150

Keratherapy Intense Renewal Smoothing Treatment            $375

Keratherapy Extreme Renewal Smoothing Treatment           $375



Nicole Millét Salon cannot guarantee the success and longevity of smoothing treatments unless the proper take home products are used.  Your stylist will recommend the correct products for you.  

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